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Tell Me More with Michel Martin, NPR

Interview with Micah Fink and Maurice Tomlinson

Jamaica is known for beaches and warm weather, but for many gay and lesbian people living on the island, it's a place of hatred. A new documentary, The Abominable Crime shines a light on homophobia and anti-gay violence in Jamaica.

Listen to the story here:

Belize International Film Festival

Winner Best Documentary

We are pleased and incredibly honored to announce that we won Best Feature Documentary at the Belize International Film Festival!

“A riveting, urgent, compelling account of what pressures and hatred LGBT Jamaicans face,” writes Lisa Shoman, a senator at the National Assembly of Belize. “But for the names and faces, it could easily have been made about Belize.”

Frameline Film Festival

First reviews!

In advance of next week's premiere at the Frameline International Film Festival in San Francisco, we're starting to see some of the very first reviews of the film. Here's what people are saying about the film:

"...tremendously affecting..."

"...I hope everyone gets to see, especially those who think homosexuality is a sin."

"...an excellent documentary...""

Miami Herald, Gay South Floria

Grindr for Equality promotes upcoming documentary about LGBT people in Jamaica

Common Good Productions needs help telling the important story of GLBT citizens in Jamaica and their daily struggles. Stories like this can have the power to change a social dialogue and could help people that deal with extreme hatred daily.

What Not To Doc


The harrowing experiences faced by a lesbian and a gay man reveal a culture of intolerance in Jamaica.
Referred to by human rights groups as the most homophobic place on earth, Jamaica maintains draconian sodomy laws and has been notable for its high incidence of anti-LGBT violence and rhetoric, especially in its popular music. In a culture where the denial of dignity and rights to LGBT people is a given, director Micah Fink profiles two individuals who have faced persecution and near-death because of their sexuality: Human rights activist and lawyer Maurice, forced to flee the country fearing death threats after the media reported on his marriage to a man, and young mother Simone, gunned down just outside her own home. Their stories reveal the faces of the victims of homophobia and the consequences of a country seemingly unwilling to deal with such human rights abuses.

Equalitopia Blog

Kickstarter-backed Documentary 'An Abominable Crime' Aims to Expose Homophobia in Jamaica [Interview with Micah Fink]

Do you think of Jamaica as a country where gays and lesbians are hunted down in the streets? Micah Fink, an award winning producer, director, and writer, aims to expose homophobia in Jamaica with his documentary, An Abominable Crime.
Equalitopia had the pleasure of interviewing Micah Fink about the project:

Towle Road

Documentary Explores Dangerous World for Gays in Jamaica: VIDEO

This week I got a chance to see a rough cut of An Abominable Crime, a documentary from filmmaker Micah Fink which explores homophobia in Jamaica through the eyes of two people - Simone Edwards, a lesbian seeking asylum abroad after an attempt on her life by anti-gay gunmen, and Maurice Tomlinson, an activist and lawyer threatened after marrying a Canadian man and being exposed by the Jamaican press.


New Film About Homophobia in Jamaica Features Lesbian Mom

Jamaica has one of the worst records in the world on LGBT rights. Male same-sex relationships are punishable by up to 10 years in jail, and homophobic attitudes, harassment, and hate crimes are endemic across the LGBT spectrum. Filmmaker Micah Fink wants to tell the stories of two Jamaicans affected by homophobia, one of whom is a lesbian mom.

Expreszo Magazine

Interview with Micah Fink [Dutch]

In Nederland hebben we het maar goed : we kunnen trouwen, kindjes adopteren en hand in hand over straat lopen. In veel andere landen in de wereld is homoseksualiteit echter nog steeds verboden en leven homo's, lesbiennes, biseksuelen en transgenders in constante angst. Documentairemaker Micah Fink uit New York volgde een aantal mensen uit Jamaica, een land waar het niet vanzelfsprekend is om homo te zijn. Expreszo stelde hem enkele vragen over zijn nieuwe film.

The Abominable Crime was produced by Common Good Productions with funding from The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. The Pulitzer Center promotes in-depth engagement with global affairs through its sponsorship of quality international journalism across all media platforms and an innovative program of outreach and education. The Center's reporting on HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean is supported by the MAC AIDS Fund.